Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are teachers ready for 21st Century learners?

Are you ready to teach a "digital native" ?

Teaching Digital Natives....a good read.

Students today are growing up in a digital world. These "digital natives" learn in new and different ways so we as educators need new approaches to make learning both real and relevant for today's students. Marc Prensky, who first coined the terms "digital natives" and "digital immigrants," has written a book that promotes 21st-century student learning through technology. Digitally literate students specialize in content finding, analysis, and presentation via multiple media. Teachers specialize in guiding student learning, providing questions and context, designing instruction, and assessing quality. Administrators support, organize, and facilitate the process school wide. Technology becomes a tool that students use for learning essential skills and "getting things done" With numerous strategies, how-to's, partnering tips, and examples, Teaching Digital Natives is a visionary yet practical book for preparing students to live and work in today's globalized and digitalized world.


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