Thursday, June 21, 2012

Technology is Improving Education

Technology has expanded from a self contained technology classroom to a versatile learning tool that changes how teachers can present ideas, assign projects, collaborate with learners, and assess learning.

Digital simulations and models help teachers explain concepts and ideas.

Epistemic Games allow students to role play. Students can be immersed into an adult world to learn real world skills. Students learn problem solving along with justifying solutions.

EBooks, a digital textbook. Wouldn't it be nice to not carry around five textbooks? Some school districts have realized that this can include not only text but, models, simulations, and visualizations to improve learning and understanding.

Multimedia and storytelling is an excellent way for students to learn teamwork from project based learning. This is an excellent way to motivate students who are excited about creating something that can be shared with classmates.

Assessment and feedback can now be immediate. Teachers can learn immediately what concepts students are struggling with. We no longer have to take days to get a lab graded and results returned.

Probes and sensors allow students to collect real time data.

Virtual manipulatives allow students to explore and experiment to reach a better understanding of content relationships.

Global learning allows students to be exposed to and learn from other cultures.

There are many more technologies that could be added to this list such as gaming consoles, assistive technology, online learning. The list could go on and on...

Technology is making a positive impact on education.

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