Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doceri - To Be Taught Or Shown

This post is intended to share a teaching tool I love.  I am not trying to advertise for any company listed.

This year at the TCEA 2012 Convention I was lucky enough to have my name drawn at the NEC Display Solutions Booth. At first I thought I had won an NEC Projector, but as it turned out I was handed a box that said NEC Interactive Software.  NEC's Interactive Software is compatible with iPad and I do own an iPad.  I had played with this software earlier in the day so I was cool with the exchange.  Now I had a new toy to explore. The software builds on the advancements of interactive whiteboards/pens and puts the control and interactivity of your presentation computer in the palm of your hand. I have to admit that I love my new teaching tool.  It not only allows me to enhance the way I present and stay in proximity of students, but it has a robust set of creation tools and a playback feature that is a great time saver. It provides a remote keyboard and mouse control along with annotation and the ability to save files in jpg format. NEC Interactive Software also allows for control of NEC projectors, but I can't speak on how well it works because I do not have one.  I can say that I truly think this Interactive Software allowed me to enhance my students' learning experience in my classroom.  The cost for a single user license at the NEC Interactive Software website is listed at $49.00 for a single user license.  I did discover another solution for those of you that might be interested in purchasing an equal.  The NEC Interactive Software requires that you load the Doceri app on your iPad.  The app is free.  If you check the Doceri web site they have the same tool.  The stylus is $39.00 and the single desktop user license is $30.00. 

If you are interested in giving this a try, Doceri also allows for a fully functional free download trial.

My license and stylus were free and I love the freedom and creativity I have gained when I am presenting. I have tried a plethora of apps available to remotely control my computer such as Splashtop, Whiteboard, MochaVNC lite, PocketCloud Free, etc. Most of these apps are free or you can purchase for a low price. None of these ran as seamlessly as the NEC Interactive Software with the Doceri App.

I have included some videos that allow you to see what both have to offer. My suggestion would be to try the trial version first.

TCEA 2013 is just around the corner...maybe lady luck will be on your side?

NEC Interactive Software Video

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