Tuesday, May 14, 2013

InfuseLearning/Socrative - Virtual Response Solutions

Bring on the BYOD/BYOT!

Formative assessment is a powerful tool for teachers. Infuse Learning is a lot like Socrative and can be used as a free virtual learner response system. Both of these learning tools work great in they BYOT environment. Socrative allows for multiple choice, true/false, and short answer while InfuseLearning allows for True/False, Multiple Choice, Sort and Order, Text Response, Numeric Response, Likert Scale, and Draw Response. (Check out Infuse Link and Infuse Draw - Awesome!)

Both programs allow you to ask questions on the fly. Socrative comes with pre-made quizzes and also allows teachers to share quizzes. Both programs allow you to create your own quizzes.  Socrative and InfuseLearning both run web based while Socrative also has an app. InfuseLearning does now work well in Internet Explorer.

You can't go wrong with either program for formative assessment in your classroom.  Take time to check out both InfuseLearning and Socrative, your students will thank you for it.

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